Laddi gill di beat te! Koohe vich pai gayiyan jamatan sariyan Ni adab je jatt naal laake yaarian Koohe vich pai gayiyan jamatan sariyan Ni adab je jatt naal laake yaarian Jehdi gall dil ch ae ohi bullan te Jehdi gall dil ch ae ohi bullan te Ni kehnda pyaar de saboot kade jaali deva […]

Main tujhko dekhun toh Jaane kya ho jata hai Baatein sau karni hai Par honthon pe taala lag jata hai Ho kuch bhi kahe bin aankhon se lekin Saari tu batein kare haaye Chhalke jo aise pyaar tera yeh Dil bekaabu kare Nahi jaana nahi jaana Nahi jaana nahi jaana re Ek pal bhi mujhe […]

Yeah pendu boyz! Suitan di main mudd ton shaukeen mundeya Kade kade wear karaan jean mundeya Ohde tikke sikke taan main laye ni kade Saadgi ch lagdi queen mundeya Kohinoor wang sohneya Kohinoor wang sohneya Jama vakh te tu jama hi niyara Ve gehneya naal taur na bane Gehneya naal taur na bane Jinni tere […]

Oh ladi ni ladi ni meri ankh ni ladi Photo teri balliye main dil ch jadi Ankh da nishana mera baaz varga Shehar shehar vich teri charcha badi Sohniye main teri baanh fadd layi ae Main tere naam kardi zindagi da Hun ik maksad rehna banke tera Sahaan ne jadd tak Balliye main koi raaja […]

Teekay music! Haan.. Ho kaali kaali gaddi leke dich kare yaar nu Tu chitte chitte coke ji sniff kare yaar nu Teaser pyaar de ch ditta jatt maar tu Na rokda ni pyaar nu te kitte ikraar nu Ho age ujh utthon kade guess karo banda na Shauk nu ne asle koi negative dhanda na […]

Written by ricky & marty wilde Suddenly there’s a shadow on a nation Suddenly it’s a changing situation Fear is on the face of every tiger as the jungle grows Suddenly people running never walking Nobody wants to know, nobody’s talking But rushing through the air I feel the wind of change about to blow […]

Now all that’s left is my identity, All the lies I spread now start to grow. And I know that I have sinned many times before, But I do what is best for me. I don’t want to do this but I still do the same(the same) I am guilty for what I’ve done I […]

[Huey:] (Whaddup Lil Mama) [MeMpHiTz:] (Hitz Committee Partna) She don’t know She don’t know [Huey:] (She can’t know about me for real) Juelz Santana: (Santana) [Huey:] (You got to know man) [Huey:] (Strictly Business right here ya digg) She don’t know She don’t know (got that PaYow) [Chorus:] I got that PaYow baby (I got […]

Slice Open The Whores Neck Invoke The Blood Bathe In The Warm Red Invert Her Virgin Soul Her Soul Was Once Pure Now She Is But A Whore She Is Now Possessed In The Grip Of Darkness Invert The Virgin(X3)…Invert She Lies Dead On The Altar The Incubus Licks Her Flesh As We Start The […]

And I greet you from the other side Of sorrow and despair With that love so vast and shattered It will reach you everywhere And I sing this for the captain Whose ship has not been built For the mother in confusion Her cradle still unfilled For the heart with no companion For the soul […]

The new single interpreted by Enrique Iglesias, PENDEJO will premiere soon on September 16th. Check back for the updates. Music video added here:

No red light or dark night can stop me No wall, no matter how tall can block me Well, the sun is out and the family’s good And we’re living life like we always knew we could, it’s lovely I took a little time out just to meditate and my spirit said, “Why you always […]

[Biutyful Snippet] You’re so biutyful You’re so biutyful The song lyrics will be updated upon the album release, September 15th.

[Lyrics from the snippet] We’ve had that kind of love I thought that it would never end Oh, my lover, oh, mother Oh, my friend We talked around in circles and we talked around again I loved you to the moon and back again Ooooh, when you love somebody Oooooh, when you love somebody We’ve […]

[Instrumental/vocal snippet] The song lyrics will be updated upon the album release, September 15th.

I burn it all (burn it all) Get it all back just to spend it all (Spend it, I spend it) Uh, yeah Are you serious? I got my own bag nigga, period Uh, yeah Bitch I could buy your life I got my own ice Got hittas that can take your life Fuck with […]

Fresh white flowers and a new tea light Nine cups of water, still water Soon I’ll see your face Don’t know why I ever thought you were far away I should’ve known better If I set a flame & I call your name I’ll fix you a plate, We can go to dinner We can […]

Storm on the radar Angry and red Pixelated Lying in bed And checking the forecast There today Watch for delays But it’s just raining You always said we’d move to Vermont I found a new dream to hold Chorus: Somebody broke my heart The way that I broke yours The weather on the chart It’s […]

She keeps dancing ‘Cross the floor Still awake for Evermore Taken too much Much too young Our hearts spinning too fast, too far To love someone Chorus:

Beenie Man sounds off against the recent JPS rate increase with Jamaicans already paying higher light bills. The dancehall legend tweeted his displeasure over the recent rate increase granted to JPS by the Office of Utilities Regulation—OUR amid widespread outcry among Jamaicans buckling under the weight of the pandemic. Beenie Man‘s sentiments are shared by […]