[Intro] Bara beats av MCaliste Yeah-yeah-yeah No cap, ingen skitsnack Brorsan jag har gunen, f*ck en livvakt [Refräng] Stackar cashen gummisnodd (Yeah) Av mina bröder jag betrodd (Brodd) Ey, du kuka dina bröder Sånt jag aldrig någonsin gjort (Nej-nej) Jag lawless Jag flawless (Yeah) Du har blivit galen (Galen) Vadå sänka guarden? (Yeah-yeah) [Vers 1] Bitches love me (Yeah) […]

Hull I’m feeling rather sorry for a man I know The world he holds in trembling hands is asking where to go And as he stares out at me from the mirrored wall I see that he is trying to cry but the tears they will not fall His life is passing by behind his […]

[Intro] Dude, this tab is f*cking double dipped Every single time that i bought acid from someone who have good ass acid and knows what the f*ck they are talking about, has never used a double dipped [Drop] [Interlude] Dude… This tab is f*cking… Double dipped…

Crooked rivers Slowly flowing downward Syntax its synergy A spell that we are under The trees and the leaves and the creek is what you seek Shadow of your soul Conquer the master mold Underground streams of water That work into the fold A power on its own working to make its place It’s raw […]

؛{قسمت اول: بهزاد لیتو}؛ همه میگن از اون آدم خلایی میکشونی منو آهن ربایی واسه برنامه ها ما هر دو پاییم پیدا میکنم من راهمو با این ولی نگو به من نقطه سر خط تازه این ماجرا شروعشه روزای خوب میان پشت سر هم ابرا میرن کنار طلوع بشه نزار برام اینقدر شرط بسه خب […]

[Verse 1: Andy Mineo] We weren't supposed to dance this long But our connection was just too strong We started out in a room full of people But now we dance the night alone I'm not havin' fun anymore But I can't seem to find the door I'm not havin' fun anymore But I can't […]

[Verse 1] Pretty white lies, dancing between the lines She's an atheist Carousals in her mind, spinning all in her eyes She's an atheist Glittered faith, spread all over her face She's an atheist She fades away to astronomical space She's an atheist [Chorus] But I believe in you (She's an atheist) (She's an atheist) […]

Es war doch bis hier hin so leicht Aber nichts ist wie es scheint. Der Himmel färbt sich grau Nebel schließt uns ein Deine Augen wirken kalt, so wie ist dein Vertrauen? Wir stehen mitten im Menschenmeer Ich will nicht weg von hier Die Zeit verliert ihren Zweck Denn wir sehen nur uns und um […]

[Intro] Straynané [Vers 1: Owen] Varje gång jag lämnar huset, det blir motherf*cking stress Hon vill chilla med en G för hon vet vi gör det bäst Har en bad bitch som är nasty, hon går loss när vi har sex Häromkring det ingen lallish, om du golish, du blir släckt Investerar knark och vapen, står i centan, kastar flex Vi försörjer oss på […]

It ain’t the time, for you to walk If I won’t let go I can tell, that ain’t what you want But it’s like you can’t let it show Girl, I’ve tried again and again To give you all of me, but you deny (girl that ain’t right) And I chose you, ’cause you’re all […]

(I'll take a, uh, a couple of Guinea Pigs, (y'know yourself), I'll have a vodka with a TK red lemonade (oh, two of them) … Baaarkeep!) [Matt Ó] Hello, hi There's one thing I've got to know, (hm?) How come everybody keeps handing me voddy And getting me drunk at my show? It's all going […]

[Intro] Broken love, broken love But all you got is broken love Broken love, broken love But all you got is broken love [Verse 1] I watch you drift ashore Tried my best to save you Waves crashed over me I thought to be your rescue We danced in stormy waters Reckless and in love […]

One more bottle of wine Someone said the clock is slipping thru the time One more drink before we go I've never met such fine and friendly folk you know The moment is not done, no way There's still a lot of fun before we go away One more bottle of wine Charge it up […]

[Intro – Hermione] "Mandrake" or "Mandragora" is used to return those who have been petrified to their original state. It's also quite dangerous. The Mandrake's cry is fatal to anyone who hears it [Drop] Everyone copies our recipe (Recipe) out of this planet technology (True) (True) Everyone copies our recipe (Recipe) out of this planet technology (True)

Phase transitions The Universe changes its form And its properties into water Water changes its form And to the swine though the divide He loses mind and his design Create, evolve and align The seventh day Design Earth two angels Carry out war In the name of God Kill fight conquer Followers of Christ assume […]

؛[مقدمه]؛ لِی بیست و سه ؛[قسمت ۱]؛ واسه علّافی ندارم من حال و حوصله به فکر پیشرفت فردام و کار و توسعه رفاقت به کنار برام اول کاره چون دیدم موفقیت تش لبخند داره من اومدم بسازم اگه نمیتونی‌ نکن ته نقشه و رارو اگه نمی‌دونی ندو نکن خایه مالی‌ سعی‌ کن تا بشی‌ یکیشون […]

[Chorus] If you see me gone, it’s alright Cause I’ll be back before it’s daylight And if you feel that something ain’t right I’ll be back before it’s daylight If you see me gone, it’s alright Cause I’ll be back before it’s daylight And if you feel that something ain’t right I’ll be back before […]

I stayed up later than I usually would Last night I wanted to be awake to see the sunrise I drove to the beach by your house and sat down on the sand I wanted to call you but I knew I couldn’t… Wake you from your dreams Of being with your other boy I’m […]

Algo paso en Culiacan Anda la gente muy brava Nadie los puede parar Espura raza pesada Ellos son la autoridad Y nadie se los anpara Es gente de alto poder No cabe la menor duda Nada les pueden hacer La policia los ayuda Es mejor hacerce wey Que estar en la sepultura El valor te […]

itemprop=”dateCreated” datetime=”2021-01-25T01:55″>01:55 GMT 25.01.2021Get short URLby Asya Geydarova210Subscribe International Geydarova. Sputnik International—report/ Shortly before Joe Biden was sworn in as the 46th President of the United States, media reported that Trump discussed the idea of forming a third political party, apparently disappointed with Republicans who did not back his claims of election fraud. Former President […]

itemprop=”dateCreated” datetime=”2021-01-25T01:03″>01:03 GMT 25.01.2021Get short URLby Asya Geydarova403Subscribe International Geydarova. Sputnik International On Wednesday, Biden was sworn in as the 46th president of the United States, becoming only the second Catholic commander-in-chief in American history. The first one was former president John F. Kennedy. Social media users are buzzing over a recent New York Times […]

itemprop=”dateCreated” datetime=”2021-01-25T00:32″>00:32 GMT 25.01.2021(updated 01:16 GMT 25.01.2021) Get short URL421Subscribe International LONDON (Sputnik) – UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson will announce on Monday a new international coalition to tackle the impact of climate change and set the agenda of the COP26 UN Climate Conference to be held in Glasgow, Scotland, in November, his office said […]

itemprop=”dateCreated” datetime=”2021-01-24T23:27″>23:27 GMT 24.01.2021Get short URL315Subscribe International WASHINGTON (Sputnik) – Some of the fencing in Washington DC that was put up ahead of US President Joe Biden’s inauguration has been removed, but the Capitol Hill area is still fenced off, a Sputnik correspondent reports. The fences around the White House and the concrete blocks placed […]

itemprop=”dateCreated” datetime=”2021-01-24T23:17″>23:17 GMT 24.01.2021Get short URLby Kirill Kurevlev536Subscribe International Kurevlev. Sputnik International—report/ In the wake of the January 6 protests at the Capitol, some 25,000 National Guard troops were dispatched to Washington, following Trump supporters’ storming of the building to prevent Joe Biden’s victory certification. The fears of mass demonstrations linger, as the House impeached […]

itemprop=”dateCreated” datetime=”2021-01-24T22:35″>22:35 GMT 24.01.2021Get short URL116Subscribe International MOSCOW (Sputnik) – US President Joe Biden has held telephone talks with his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron agreeing on close cooperation, including in what concerns the global economic recovery and the pandemic, as well as foreign policy issues. “President Joseph R. Biden, Jr. spoke today with President Emmanuel […]

itemprop=”dateCreated” datetime=”2021-01-24T21:54″>21:54 GMT 24.01.2021(updated 23:23 GMT 24.01.2021) Get short URLby Jason Dunn13524Subscribe International Dunn. Sputnik International United States President Joe Biden has expressed his support for reversing the Trump administration’s withdrawal from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), and officials within the new government are reported to already be holding quiet discussions with Iranian […]

itemprop=”dateCreated” datetime=”2021-01-24T21:35″>21:35 GMT 24.01.2021(updated 21:49 GMT 24.01.2021) Get short URL 0 62Subscribe International MOSCOW (Sputnik) – Pregnant women suffer from the coronavirus infection more often than the general population as a whole, according to recommendations released by the Russian Health Ministry. “The group with the highest risk of developing severe forms of COVID-19 are pregnant […]

itemprop=”dateCreated” datetime=”2021-01-24T21:29″>21:29 GMT 24.01.2021(updated 21:45 GMT 24.01.2021) Get short URLby Kirill Kurevlev121111Subscribe International Kurevlev. Sputnik International Fauci said earlier that the surveillance of viruses in the US is not at the level he would have liked to see. However, vaccines against the South African strain, as well as the “British” coronavirus variant, would still be […]

itemprop=”dateCreated” datetime=”2021-01-24T21:18″>21:18 GMT 24.01.2021(updated 21:25 GMT 24.01.2021) Get short URL4230Subscribe International The former president tested positive for the coronavirus during a routine check-up last week, according to his office, and has been under “medical supervision” ever since. Former Bolivian President Evo Morales has been discharged from the Los Olivos Clinic in Cochabamba, where he received […]