It Saturday

[Verse 1] It’s Saturday I finally got you to myself on ya all day, oh yeah I know a place Where we can shut the whole world out and hide away, away [Pre-Chorus] See, the cold drinks have a sweeter taste Whenever you’re around and whenever you’re around And the bedsheets feel a different way […]

[Verse 1] Come on, come on, turn the radio on It’s Friday night and won’t be long Gotta do my hair, put my make up on It’s Friday night and won’t be long [Pre-Chorus] Till I hit the dance floor Hit the dance floor I got all I need No I ain’t got cash No […]

[Verse 1] Still runs good, built to last Moves like a hula girl on the dash She ain’t made for practicality Yeah, I guess she’s just like me [Pre-Chorus 1] It’s Saturday night, about time to go Got my white leather jacket and a neon soul Once I turn on the radio I’m ready to […]