I look the devil in his eyes just like the reaper We start from that shit now we glidin’ on it I got a bag and [?] my mind ho Got on 200 sittin’ on the dashboard You know them M&Ms we stash those Brand new shoe laces for the transport That double R truck […]

Guwop, Wizzop 1017, yeah, yeah My watch and my chains is litted My rings and ears sidity Yeah, my watch and bag on Nicki 20 chains on me now 90 bricks on me now We might pass you in a drought He bout to bring they ass out Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah I look like […]

Better hope he die a gangster Better hope he die a gangster Super, out of here, yeah I hope he die a gangster I hope you plan on game, there’s too much blood on these fingers Send out a headshot, put ’em holes in an asshole I’m running on X pills, I’m out of control […]

If I told you my cocaine numbers then you probably wouldn’t believe me This the kind a dope that make your uncle sell his TV If I told you cocaine numbers then you probably wouldn’t believe me If I told you cocaine numbers you would think I was lyin’ Young niggas barely 30 talkin’ bout […]

Chandelier diamonds champagne I’m fillin’ my cup up with good drank I know these drugs could be good [?] I fell in love like a new fragrance New kids on the block I’m sensei Hold the candles high in your memory Spin the block and let it rain get it done, done I’m the man, […]

EA – GA stand up I’m from Zone 6, nigga, I’m from Zone 6 I’m from Zone 6, nigga, I’m from Zone 6 5 fingers with the fuck you I’m from Zone 6, I’m from Zone 6 nigga I’m from Zone 6, bitch, I’m from Zone 6 I’m from Zone 6, bitch, I’m from Zone […]

[Single version] Here come the eyes again sad Like something wasn’t enough Oh, did you say that you had it The drunken handcuffs Keep pulling me round It feels like they’re fraying, oh-ooh but you’ll hold your ground Did we really lose our hearts? Did we really lose our hearts? Did we really lose our […]

I never needed you like I do right now I never needed you like I do right now I never hated you like I do right now ‘Cause all you ever do is make me Lift you up ’bout 21 times Felt those lips tell me 21 lies You’ll be the death of me Save […]

I’ve never been so taken for Too good to be true Yet I never felt so sure Eeh eeh Take a midnight drive, baby you and I Making love, and getting high We do it all the time Gonna have it all [Teaser]

Am crezut ca m-am vindecat Dar cu iluzii mereu m-am imbatat In inima ta eu cautam ceva Lasa sa-mi umplu golul cu dorinta mea Un rau plin de venin, paduri pline de spini Doar umbre, nu lumini Dar toate trec si vin Fac ce simt acum ca anii trec, Sunt copil si multi nu ma-nteleg […]

[Intro] Hey yeah, hey yeah Hey yeah, yeah, yeah Mhmm Mhmm [Verse] I feel it running through my veins Guess I’m already bleeding for it All four chambers got a different kinda beat for it Try to hold my breath but it’s filling up my lungs Try keep it quiet but it’s banging like a […]

[Pre-Chorus] There are a million more dreams being dreamt tonight But somehow this one feels like it just might [Chorus] Happen Happen to me Happen Happen to me [Verse] I’m not really sure what I’m about But with you I’m sure that I could work it out I’m not certain who it is I’m praying […]

[Intro] Baby, I’m not made of stone, it hurts Loving you the way I do, it hurts [Verse 1] Hold tight, it’s a sing-along I’m alright, I’m alright, but I could be wrong, baby I know you remember me 5″3 in the back of the library, come on You could at least try and look […]

Oh yeah yeah Oh yeah yeah [Verse 1] I guess I got caught up In the rough and tumble I didn’t mean to cause no trouble At all, at all I’m just so sick Of the dream they’re selling It doesn’t feel like heaven At all, at all [Chorus] So give me something Oh, give […]

[Verse 1] Don’t you dare say Don’t you dare say tomorrow Don’t you dare say Don’t you dare say tomorrow [Chorus] I’m talking ’bout right now Who’s gonna love me right now? I’m talking ’bout this very second I need you to love me right now [Verse 2] Yeah, don’t you dare stay Don’t you […]

[Verse 1] If you don’t want a daughter Then I’ll give you a son I’ll give you every penny For every song that I’ve sung [Chorus] Cause baby when you’re gentle It’s all that it takes And oh, my heart breaks Yeah oh, my soul shakes [Verse 2] You can be the captain I surrender […]

[Verse 1] Something like a hurricane Total destruction, torrential rain You went in straight for the jugular And that’s what I got for just loving ya Arrows and bullets flew Your tongue loves war in the afternoon Your favorite bomb was “let’s just be friends” But now you’re suggesting we try again [Chorus] But if […]

[Intro] Hey, hey [Verse 1] Well sometimes I get lonely And some days you don’t know me And to try explain why I’ll be gone by morning Is like expecting spring to understand the autumn [Chorus] So come on, let’s stop wasting all our energy Let’s stop wasting summer on our knees And don’t lie […]

[Chorus] Oh sweet architect My bones are heavy and my soul’s a mess I can’t find my address Build me up, build me up Oh sweet architect I’ve been lonely since the day you left So come and find my address Build me up, build me up [Verse 1] Guess we’ve got deep love, but […]

[Intro] Hey, oh [Verse 1] Oh when it rains it always pours But I have found a friend in Noah Still the dogs they bite and it’s cold at night And the sharks deep in the water There’s more of us than ever But we’re just lonely altogether So baby, reach out and remind me […]

[Verse 1] I’m giving all that I got so I got nothing to lose Yeah, I’m ready to jump into your indigo blue Ooh, ooh, here I am And we’ll be slow dancing through the rock ‘n’ the roll And I promise that I’m catching you if ever you fall Ooh, ooh, well here I […]

Oooh [Verse 1] We don’t have a plan Just pack our bags and run as fast as we can We hold the future in the palm of our hands I know you hear me but do you understand? [Verse 2] Yeah we’ve been making a scene I’ll keep on singing while you shake tamberine Whether […]

[Verse 1] I was lost In the dead of night But then came angels I could not fight no All of a sudden, I’m fading I was blinded, by the light Til you said [Chorus] Babe It’s okay, it’s okay now Let it out, let it love, let it rain down Hold me now, hold […]

[Verse 1] Jupiter, kung fu, you know what I’m talking ’bout Garden, darling, you know who the song’s about Same old human, but you know who I really am When I say “Truman”, I know you gon’ understand me Tears keep falling and writers got the best of me New York’s calling, meet me on […]

[Verse 1] I swear there’s something different In this cigarette Helpin’ us get lifted Helpin’ us forget I swear there’s something extra Runnin’ in our blood [Pre-Chorus 1] We’re in a hatchback party with the music turned up Got my head out the window throwing two fingers up [Chorus] Like I’m somebody As if I’m […]

[Intro] Hey Hey [Verse 1] Can’t trust the politicians Too many channels on the television Our children dance like they’ve seen it all I went on the Internet and I got myself a thousand friends Funny, no one ever seems to call [Chorus] But darling, I am Very much in love with you Yes, darling […]

[Intro] Mmmm yeah. Mmmm yeah. [Verse 1] People thought all animals Arrived here unrelated The world began, and then came man All perfectly created [Verse 2] But then someone looked up a tree. And said “That monkey looks just like me!” So it really was a mystery What I’d learned in natural history! [Verse 3] […]

[Produced by Timbaland] [Hook] Im just sitting in my room, Doing up mushrooms Gotta stay focused no camera zoom Flame on these N**** no doctor doom Im just sitting in my room doing up mushroom Im just … [Verse 1] Im just sitting in my room laying on the floor I aint have a do […]

Taking it back It’s been for far too long So brace yourself ‘Cause it’s time to move on You’ll find it hard til’ you realize There’s more to life than just empty lies It’s time that we take our turn Instead of pointing fingers My mind’s rewinding Like wheels run in place We’ve all messed […]

[Verse 1: Jacob Latimore] I wanna talk about you And less about me I wanna try some new things, new things Like your body on me Baby, don’t it feel good? Don’t have to keep it low key Gon’ shake it like it’s loose change in your frame Make a nigga say oh wee [Pre-Hook: […]