[Verse 1] I said hey lifeguard come save my nigga He been breathing heavy thinking bout getting 9 figures Walking through ya city hall like a man that leader Like he got nine lives cat ain’t been no winner I’ma say lifeguard he stressed out wishing Wisdom will come from the air jack don’t miss […]

[Intro] For his goodness and for his wonderful works Unto the children of men If my people will lift my name tonight I will come in I will be exalted I will be glorified I will be lifted up Welcome him in tonight Can’t you feel him? Yes, yes There is liberty Open your heart […]

[Hook] About a year ago I met you, I was like, "oh shit" We sat and talked and sparked an L right by the ocean I feel like time has changed us both, but girl you know this So we can’t act like we don’t know how this shit goes When we in this moment […]

[Verse 1] Would you claim my love? Even if my heart is not enough? Would you claim my body? Hmm? Would you claim my love? [Pre-Chorus] When all we know is caving in Don’t cry over what could have been Oh, oh no no no [Chorus] Oh, my love, heaven knows where you’ve been Oh […]

[Intro] Exotic, (Rich Gang) What you know about the barber shop boys, know (?) type shit. You know what I’m saying? (?) [Verse 1] It’s 7 o’clock on the dot, I’m riding shotty Foot on the gas, I’m tryna get you baby, tell me girl are you ready? It’s a long way down, (?) from […]

[Verse 1] I am not supposed be here I was not invited, I am not supposed to eat here Table with my enemies, snacking on a beat here I can see through every last one of y’all, so be clear I talk about God and how we kings and he live in us But I […]

[Verse 1: Daniel Caesar] Through drought and famine, natural disasters My baby has been around for me Kingdoms have fallen, angels be calling None of that could ever make me leave Every time I look into your eyes I see it You’re all I need Every time I get a bit inside I feel it […]

Maybe There’s A Way When I think of our time together It seems like only yesterday I held you so close to me But now you’re so far away Maybe there’s a way I can live without you But it might take the rest of my life Maybe some day I can forget about you […]

They tell you her pulse is weak But you know they are wrong It’s time to rise to your feet Stand up and be strong ‘Cause people are dying And war is raging ‘round (But we know) The heartbeat of the world is strong It’s beating loudly through her children and her songs Find the […]

So you’re looking for a hero A knight on a white horse to take you away Or maybe just a superman To pick you up and just fly away You better come back to reality ‘Cause you could do much worse than me I’m a man of action I’m a man of action I’ll be […]

“Take you back to the future” ため息が溶ける 午前0時の今日が昨日へと変わるMagic 「思い通りにならない」って肩落とす君 それ以上落ち込まないで 顔を上げてよ 悲しむ君なんてもう見たくない 空も泣いている I wanna cheer cheer cheer you up 本当は誰も 知らない明日のこと 僕は知っているんだ なぜなら そう未来から来たタイムスリッパー Don’t worry no more Back To The Future Gonna be alright 昨日までにサヨナラを Back To The Future Gonna be alright 君の未来は大丈夫さ “Don’t worry about it” 溜めこんだFrustration 八方ふさがりSituation ためらいがちな One step 立ち止まったままStuckしてる もう怖がんないで 笑い飛ばして Back To The Future 未来は晴れている I wanna cheer cheer […]

初めてよね こんな風に 手を繋いで あなたと歩くの 秋風に吹かれながら 伝えたいことがあるのよ 今日まで私 言えなかったの 好きになるのが ちょっとだけ怖かったの 本当はね あなたのことを 誰よりも 愛してます 抱き締めて いつだって あなたの 背中ばかり見てた ねぇ 泣きたかった 青空をぼやすように 赤く広がった 夕焼けが そう 私の恋です 溢れそうな想いを ずっと隠していたの 困らせてばかりいたけど ごめんね (ごめんね) 好きなの 私より あなたの方が 大人だって 分かっているから 不安なのよ だからお願い この手を離しちゃ駄目なの あなたに会うと その優しさが 私の全て 包み込んでしまうのよ 今までは 知らなかったの こんなにも 切なすぎる 愛しさを少しずつ ほんの少しずつ で良いから ねぇ 約束して 眠れない長い夜 私が眠るまで あなたは そう […]

見上げたあの夜空に 浮かぶ星達 ふと君の声が あの頃輝いてたかな? 今になっては ずっと分からないまま あの時 君がついた嘘 問いただせずに 泣いたあの坂道 この先 君と会えないの 離れ離れに 身を任せてた いつもの後悔が風に消えてく 誰にもみせないその姿を もうちょっとだけ 見てたかったんだ 時がそっと睨んでいる その手と手繋いで 笑いあった声 忘れはしないよ こんなにも流してた涙も 語る声も オーケストラ やがて訪れたよね さよならの声 忘れはしないよ あんなにも近くにいたはずが 今では繋がりなんて あの空だけ 夜空の 交換をしよう 馬鹿らしくなって 投げた午前3時 この先 君と何年も 時の流れに 身を任せても いつものジョークが街に消えてく 誰にも見せない僕の姿を もうちょっとだけ 見せたかったんだ 時がそっと睨んでいる この目と目合わせて はっきりとしたい もうできないかな こんなにもどかしくて 辛いのが 音を立てる オーケストラ どこで何をしてるの? 分からないのは 僕のせいなんだね 永遠にこんな日がくるなんて 神様イタズラなら 呪いたいぐらい […]

(Shabarabara) Alkilado’os; (Shabarabara) Mas Playa, Jaa… …Hola, no quisiera llamarte Ni molestarte, a estas horas Yo quisiera evitarte Pero con mirarte, mas me enamoras He tratado de buscarte, hasta al hablarte Pero me ignoras, pero me ignoras… …Porque me ignoras Si tu me enamoras My loba, my loba Se que tu andas solas Pero no […]

Kuchibiru ni doku wo nutte Boku no heya ni kita deshou? Anata no kisu de Mou karada mo nou mo tokete shimaisou Dai kirai na boku juu kyuu sai Dai kirai na boku juu kyuu sai Hakike ga suru kurai Anata no kokoro utsukushii no ni Nani hitotsu dekinai boku ni Dou shite kisu shite […]

You don’t have to lie, I know exactly where you’ve been ‘Cause you’re chewing off my ear while you’re chewing on your chin No we’re not on the level, you’re just off your face It’s not a state of mind though, your head’s just in a state I may be on the outside but you’re […]

[Verse 1] What doesn’t kill you Makes you wish you were dead Got a hole in my soul growing deeper and deeper And I can’t take One more moment of this silence The loneliness is haunting me And the weight of the worlds getting harder to hold up [Pre-Chorus] It comes in waves I close […]

Cut me open and tell me what’s inside Diagnose me ’cause I can’t keep wondering why And no it’s not a phase ’cause it happens all the time Start over, check again, now tell me what you find ‘Cause I’m going out, I’ll fake what’s real Can anyone respond? It’s like an avalanche I feel […]

She moved in next door to me And she showed me her world What a neighbor, thanks for the favor She’s a very sexy girl She’s a sexy girl, sexy girl, sexy girl She’s a very sexy girl She’s a sexy girl, sexy girl, sexy girl She’s a very sexy girl I got a feeling […]

For my wedding, I will dress in black And never again will I look back Ah, my dark angels we must part For I’ve made a sanctuary of my heart To want what I have To take what I’m given with grace For this I pray On my wedding day For my wedding, I don’t […]

Your eyes Crashin’ into my eyes Was accidentally falling in love Your words Didn’t mean to hear but heard Were coincidentally more than enough All these days I never thought That I would need someone so much Who knew? But I don’t think I ever planned For this helpless circumstance With you You’re scared, I’m […]